iCONNECT Course Description

The iCONNECT project intends to build a bridge between older people with dementia and education in health care, nursing and wellbeing through creative learning. This cooperation will have a direct impact, enriching the knowledge, skills and attitudes of all the persons involved.

Crucial for the achievement of the above intentions and aims is the development of an online module using a blended learning platform. The iCONNECT module adapted a co-design and partnership approach amongst students, lecturers, care providers and service users, such as older people with dementia and their careers' and family's in developing the online learning platform.

Core aspect of the module is the transnational blended learning platform (open source - moodle) that contains all the teaching material and makes it possible for students to exchange information, ideas and content, plan their own activities and report on their results and experiences. At the same time it will be a way for students to exchange information trans-nationally, not only sharing experiences within one country, but also communicating and collaborating with people from other countries. The platform will be an innovative tool to bring the theory into practice and make it visible among students. The creative art elements will come to live through the platform.

The main learning objectives of the module for the participating students will focus on:

  • obtaining transferable skills in communication, creativity, critical thinking and social competences
  • becoming more caring and compassionate towards older people with dementia.
  • improving knowledge and competences about older people and dementia
  • developing a culture of support, openness and creativity in their future work environment

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